Michael Doves

Managing Partner
Michael Doves

The Analytical Champion advises how an organization should be organized at organizational, process and technical level to make data-driven decisions that increase sales and / or reduce costs.

Mr. Doves has had advisory experience in the field of intelligence and data warehousing since 1999. During this period he has fulfilled various roles as: specialist, architect, designer, programmer, business analyst, business consultant, strategic consultant, team leader and project leader. Although these roles have been different in nature, they have all been executed with verve around the theme of information provision and intelligence.

Mr. Doves is a passionate person who wants to achieve his goal with the help of his communication skills, his business background and his technical affinity. In addition, he is able to play both a subordinate and leading role in a team. The role he plays is always of secondary importance to him in relation to the end goal.

Mr. Doves has mainly worked for clients of his employers within the Financial sector, the Logistics sector and the Public sector. After his HTS study Aircraft Operations and his University study at Nijenrode, Mr. Doves fell for the field of computerization and intelligence. He can be seen as an early adapter of new philosophies and technologies around these themes. He therefore likes to act as a guest speaker at seminars and congresses.