Hugo Koopmans

Managing Partner
Hugo Koopmans

Hugo has 18 years of experience in the field of data mining and predictive analytics. As Chief Data Scientist, he is the first point of contact within DIKW Group when it comes to creating value with data.

Background and experience

Hugo Koopmans is Chief Data Scientist at DIKW. He has more than 15 years of experience in data mining, now called Data Science. Hugo is a data scientist, he was already active in the field before it was given this name. He specializes in the development of decision support models for predicting customer behavior using data mining techniques. He has a proven track record in developing data-driven customer contact strategies.

In recent years his ambition has been focused on big data analytics and social media & network analytics. Browsing in unstructured content such as text, video, photos and social networks brings new insights and opportunities in customer profiling and online customer travel.

Recently, Hugo added the domain of semantic web and ontology based search to his domain knowledge. Sensor data and the Internet of Things (IoT) open a new world of Big Data.

In the capacity of Chief Technology Officer, he is involved with Sensing Clues Wildlife Intelligenc, a start-up NGO that focuses on developing an anti-poaching solution through "early warning" sensor technology and "Quick Response" mobile applications.

Hugo has strong analytical skills, is creative and has a strong personality. He also has enough sense of reality to quickly understand the challenges of customers. Because he has worked for a wide variety of clients, both at home and abroad as an experienced consultant, you can be sure that Hugo is flexible, has the ability to quickly make a new environment his own and often with unexpected and creative solutions.