Gerard Koolman

Intelligence support
Gerard Koolman

IT professional with over 15 years of experience in financial services specialized as a risk consultant in the field of fraud detection. Focus areas: complex event processing data flows and data warehousing.

Gerard is partly responsible for the implementation and configuration of a complete fraud management system at a large financial institution. In the past in the role of project manager and nowadays working as an implementation expert within a devops team / squad. The fraud management system uses the complex event processing method to analyze and assess rule-based fraud rules in time.

Gerard has an extensive track record within the bank and with his broad experience as an application specialist, BI consultant and implementation manager, Gerard understands both the rules imposed by the business and the technical implementation and integration requirements such as 'automatic deployment' that this entails brings along.

Because of his international aspirations for DIKW, among others, Gerard has successfully built up a network in Romania for "near sourcing" activities.