Ashraf Arab

Business Intelligence Consultant
Ashraf Arab

While studying Business Informatics, Ashraf became enthusiastic about information management and started as a Business Intelligence consultant. During his career he has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of Management Information, Information management, Big Data and various databases and has been able to develop into an energetic, pragmatic business intelligence specialist.

Ashraf works as a Business Intelligence Specialist for DIKW, where he manages and operates the Data Warehouses for various projects and clients.

Developing data warehouse through Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software, data warehouse architecture, information portals, database performance tuning, data warehouse framework, developing reports, developing multi-dimensional analyzes and setting up data warehouse management are some examples of this. Ashraf is a specialist in Business Intelligence tooling from Microsoft, SAP BusinessObjects and Yellowfin.

Personally, Ashraf is self-assured, works fast and loves functions that require immediate action. It is in his nature to act decisively and to implement decisions. Ashraf responds adequately, pragmatically and can solve problems.

Ashraf's professional interest is focused on the Entrepreneurial, Financial / Administrative and Technical themes. The emphasis here is above all on business management, organization and the application of technologies and ideas.