Who we are

DIKW stands for craftsmanship and entrepreneurship

The availability of information is increasing exponentially. The abundance of information requires a well-considered, continuous and systematic approach, treatment and analysis of this information. This with the aim of gaining business, competitive and / or strategic advantage. Data-driven decision-making increasingly plays an important role in business operations. Organizations that are able to systematically convert data and information into knowledge and wisdom will become faster and more effectively to make better decisions.

DIKW is a leading full-service service provider in the field of Intelligence. In this context, full-service means integrated services in the field of: training, advice, consultancy, development, implementation and management. DIKW is a knowledge-intensive, agile and no-nonsense organization that wants to be able to respond quickly to new developments.

DIKW aims to provide high-quality knowledge, services and products in the field of intelligence. DIKW wants to make a direct contribution to the design, application and management of the Intelligence function within organizations.

DIKW is an organization that people want to work for. The corporate culture is characterized by the 3 Ps: Pure, Pleasant and Professional. Thanks to the extensive experience in the field, personal involvement and dedication, our consultants deliver craftsmanship time and time again. Continuous investment in knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation are central at DIKW.