DIWK Academy

DIKW Academy

DIKW Academy is the training institute where intelligence-related training is provided.

Sharing knowledge is in our DNA. In the DIKW Academy we like to share knowledge with customers and (con) colleagues.

This often concerns knowledge and skills that cannot be found directly online or in books and therefore actually contributes to the effectiveness of the student in his or her work environment. The teacher is a co-entrepreneur of DIKW Intelligence. This means that he or she is working for one of our clients and also teaches at the DIKW Academy. So you will be taught by someone who "stands with his feet in the mud" every day.

The courses of the DIKW Academy are therefore very practical, professional and full of anecdotes about the daily practice of the teacher.

You can find everything about the DIKW Academy, our training courses, the agenda and how you can register at academy.dikw.com