DIKW Intelligence

Datascience, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Create value from data.

We develop artificial intelligence.

Automated Machine Learning is about algorithms, many algorithms, a lot of math and statistics. We follow the field by constantly training ourselves in the field and training hundreds of others in our data science academy.

Although data science and (automated) machine learning will soon be raw materials, creating valuable data science products is still more art than science. And above all it is just hard work. We now have more than 2 decades of experience in this field; we took our first steps when data mining was still considered something for children, wizz-kids did.

Fortunately, grid search does not replace creativity. Data science is not about extracting the last bit of entropy from your datasets. Data science is about being creative in finding solutions and algorithms that can add value to your proposition to your customers. We create valuable data science products.

We create valuable data science products.