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Business Intelligence

How do you become an analytical champion?

In the current and future world, organizations need to be increasingly competitive. Management of organizations based on financial figures alone is no longer sufficient. Knowledge about the exact ins and outs of the organization itself, detailed knowledge about the customer and even knowledge about how the organization is being talked about in society is increasingly important to be successful. This is not possible without applying Business Intelligence (BI).

BI is a process that ultimately results in decision-making, for every conceivable goal or application, that is wholly or partly based on data, rather than just on the gut feelings of the relevant decision makers in the organization. This data mainly comes from the IT systems of the organization, but can also be made available or purchased from outside the organization.

If the collected data is understood then it is transformed into information. This process requires development people and data transformation tools to model and standardize the data. When the information is analyzed and understood, it is transformed into knowledge. This requires analysis people, data visualization tools and data analysis tools, in order to gather knowledge from the relevant information. If the knowledge gained is understood then the final decision maker gains the wisdom to make data-driven decisions, which should then also lead to actual actions. This last step in particular is essential for actually gaining value from Business Intelligence.