Fast-response solutions for the protection of wildlife.

Poachers are currently winning

Poachers are driving elephants, rhinos, tigers and many other invaluable species into extinction. We cannot let that happen. Sensing Clues believes that if those who want to stop poaching join forces, wild spaces can be turned into safe havens for wildlife. We made it our mission. Through our extensive experience at amongst others the Police and the Military, we can help you develop tactical plans to tackle wildlife crime and other infringements that threaten your ecosystem.

Anti-Poaching Toolkit

Sensing Clues develops an anti-poaching toolkit to enable rangers and others to detect and respond to poaching threats. The toolkit consists of early warning sensor systems designed for the efficient monitoring of extensive areas, intelligence tooling, and communication technologies that help strengthen your information position and which support fast-response organising. We help you by providing tactical advise, by incorporating our tools into your action repertoire, by providing sensing as a service, or by taking care of your technical worries.