DHW Accelerator

Organisational data is one of your core assets and information is a critical business resource, just as important as raw materials to a manufacturing process.

Without organization, structure or trust, information cannot be used to achieve organizational goals.

The unique Enterprise Memory data model provided within DIKW’s Data Warehouse Accelerator not only provides the structure to organize your data, it also provides foundational guidance illustrating potential areas in which additional information can provide more value to your organization.

Typically, the process of populating a data warehouse with relevant information or the extract, load and transform (ELT)  process requires 60 to 70 percent of the effort associated with building a data warehouse.

Design for change

Our unique design for change methodology, which provides a foundational data model that accelerates the design process. The Entereprise Memory data model  supports detailed business process data, empowering decision-makers to better understand your organization’s value drivers, customer and supplier interactions, and more. As a result, you can craft business strategies that deliver on your long-term objectives.

Simplify your data warehouse project

  • Lower development time, costs and risk.
  • Accelerate the deployment of an enterprise data warehouse by starting the process with generic real life data model (DIKW Enterprise Memory referential architecture and data model).
  • Reduce risk of implementation since the data models are compiled from actual projects.
  • Apply proven best practices for data warehouse projects.
  • Align operational decision-making with corporate strategy by using industry-leading metrics and KPIs.
  • Get a systematic roadmap for implementation that includes a foundation for gap analysis.

Put critical data at your finger tips

Organizations need access to historical information to make the decisions that affect the future. Yet, this data often resides in disparate line-of-business applications and is not always readily accessible in formats that people use. The Enterprise Memory data model supports your business needs now by storing data for metrics, which your industry uses to measure success and form relevant business processes.

As your organization grows and faces new challenges, the EM can be extended to enable your organization to adapt and remain competitive despite these challenges. And as a result, strategic decision makers can spend more time analysing critical data than searching for it.

An integrated data warehouse created for your business helps you achieve tangible business results

Whether you’re developing a new data warehouse or extending one that already exists, DIKW’s Data Warehouse Accelerators simplify the process.